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The Grove Cafe is a furniture and lifestyle blog where we write about everything you need to know for buying furniture for your coffee shop or restaurant. Starting up a new place or simply moving to a new shop may be tedious and sometimes you just get confused and end up picking the wrong furniture for your shop.

You might end up wasting money on something you at first thought would be good but then realised it doesn’t really work so well in your new shop. Read our articles to learn more about how not to make those mistakes.

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Top 5 Must Visit Attractions in Perth

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A short stroll around the square is sufficient to escape and mix into Perth’s incredible culture, its engaging strips and its relaxation encounters. With fascination for everybody, including families, singles and couples, Perth is certainly a wonderful city for sightseeing in Western Australia.

Perth Zoo

Minutes from Perth’s CBD, the Perth zoo is an excellent and staggering regular safe house. With a colossal accumulation of different creatures living in their own common habitats, the zoo is an awesome ordeal for anybody going to Perth. With more than 1,300 creatures, there is something for everybody while serenely strolling through Western Australia’s most well known untamed life asylum. If you’re looking for a short term accommodation in Perth CBD then we highly recommend that you get in touch with the Attika Hotel which is located just minutes from the Zoo.

State Theater Center of Western Australia

Wish to get a kick out of the best theater, music, occasions and head preparations in Perth? the State Theater Center of Western Australia is the place to go.

Found right in the heart of Northbridge, the complex has three particular execution focuses, which can be utilized for a large group of various plays.

What genuinely expands the experience of the complex is that imagination and plan that was put into each perspective. All seats are bent to confront the stage and lifted over the principal push, guaranteeing that each individual has an unmistakable perspective of the stage. With improved timber acoustic astounds, the sounds are fresh and crystal clear.

Rooftop Movies

With Rooftop Movies, you will encounter watching motion pictures in a totally new manner. It is a popular culture heaven with retro climate to it. Found right in the focal point of the city, Rooftop Movies is an incredible better approach to encounter the old fashioned exemplary demonstration of watching films, lying in the outside and with the Perth horizon in some distance. If you’re looking for an amazing rooftop movie experience then stay at the Attika Hotel in Perth CBD which is the only short term accommodation that you need.

Be that as it may, rush to get your tickets! Housetop Movies tickets finish rapidly, so on the off chance that you are in Perth, ensure you get your ticket for this astonishing venue.

Western Australian Museum

There is one and only approach to find out about Perth’s most noteworthy and notable minutes: going by the Western Australian Museum. For 120 years, the Perth Museum has been recounting the state’s story through open projects and a large variety of shows.

With many accumulations, going from characteristic history to earthbound, the Perth Museum has all the vital snapshots of the state’s most astonishing verifiable minutes. An inconceivably engaging and drawing in experience, an outing toward the Western Australian Museum in Perth will open your eyes. It will certainly draw you closer to this wonderful city.

To stay here, you can choose lovely hotels, located in Northbridge. It has a number of lively attractions which give the tourist a glimpse of Northbridge and Perth city lifestyles.

Plaster Rendering: the action of applying plaster to walls

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Before carrying out plastic rendering, it is important to know the basic concepts involved, that is, how to prepare the surface area, choose the mix, use the correct ratio for elements and apply the plaster.

The ratios of concrete, lime, and sand to apply depend upon the purpose of the plaster and the pattern of the building surface to which it is to provide. A fine lime plaster is slow setting, so it is usually measured with cement to increase its durability and hardness and to reduce the time of hardening of solidifying, especially for plaster wall repairs. The durability improves and the time of hardening reduces the quantity of cement improves compared to the quantity of lime, until with a cement plaster with no lime, the durability is an optimum and the hardening times the least. However, as the ratio of concrete is improved the plaster becomes less usable and more difficult to apply. The ratio of sand should not surpass three times the mixed ratio of cement and lime. The strong plaster should not apply to poorly permeable support or a strong finish coat to a poor first coat. On bigger projects, before even starting, we recommend hiring a commercial cleaner and then starting on a smooth clean surface.

plaster rendering

For external building rendering on a heavy material such as cement, heavy concrete blocks and hard clay-based bricks of low porosity, the best ratios to use are 1 part hydrated lime, 1 part cement and 6 parts sand by quantity. On revealed building surfaces susceptible to driving down rains the quantity of lime may be reduced and the cement increased to say 1 ¾:¼: 6 mixes or a 1:4 cement plaster to which up to 10% of lime by weight of the cement is added to make it usable.

If you’re looking for the best plasterer in Melbourne then you’ll want to check out the plastering services by Plaster Wizards, they’re one of the top plastering companies in the city.

On external building surfaces of low strength and high porosity such as low-quality waft, concrete prevents the external rendering should not be strong than a 1:1:6 mix as above and strong cement mix with little or lime should not be used.

For internal building rendering the best ratio is 1 lime, 1 cement, and 6 sand; or 2 lime,1 cement, and 9 sand; or a lime mix only of 1:3 or 4 may be used, paying attention to that the cement increases the strength and stability and decrease the period of hardening. For normal water containers such as fishponds, only cement plasters should be used.

During plaster, blueboard rendering may have important change the finish work. External architectural solid plaster rendering in new cities like Melbourne should be started on the in shade part of the building to keep it unexposed to the sun as long as possible. No plastering should be done in cold weather. In cool weather plaster hardens very slowly and many times between coats should be allowed. In hot weather, these coats must be kept wet and protected against dehydrating out for at least two times after applications. Draughts and regional sources of heat may cause too quickly dehydrating out. Normal heat and regular ventilation are the best circumstances for plastering.

The cement plaster rendering of concrete, stone and mud homes has been used for years and years to improve the appearance (and sometimes weather resistance) of external surfaces. It can be seen in different types all over southeast European. Different countries have their own styles and traditional shades. This insights and knowledge has been shared by Crown solid plasterers in Melbourne, Victoria.

The Best Building Demolition Compilations

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Today the list of the top 15 ultimate and best building and house demolitions is brought to you by Demolition Melbourne – a popular demolition company offering house demolition and commercial demolitions in Melbourne, Victoria.


Restaurant Furniture and Supplies

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A large number of entrepreneurs nowadays are willing to invest in the restaurant business. If you are an budding entrepreneur looking to foray into the restaurant business, The Grove Cafe is a blog for you. The blog has a number of posts that can provide useful tips regarding the different aspects involved in a restaurant business. A factor which most restaurant owners tend to ignore is the type of furniture place in their restaurant. For restaurants, the focus is often on advertising and pleasing the taste buds. However, the furniture in a restaurant plays a major role in ensuring the comfort of customers and helps in retaining them. Watch the video for some useful tips on restaurant furniture.

Large Floor Tiles – Clean, Sleek and Stylish

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Large Floor Tiles – Clean, Sleek and Stylish

Lifestyle fashion is hard to follow. Fashion keeps ever evolving and changes every year. If you are looking to refurbish your home or office, it is best to go with a time proven and classic approach for flooring. Interiors can be very demanding and one would want a finish which not only looks modern but should not look dated also in near future. Flooring is something which instantly gives a makeover to the interiors. This video helps in making you a choice which not only gives you the best tiling options for flooring but also educates on where all it can be used.

Rented Apartment Tour

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Rented Apartment Tour

Selecting apartments in city which you are visiting as a tourist can be quite challenging, especially if it is a new city. You need to look out for proximity to shopping centres, interesting places to visit and tourist attractions. In case you have come to stay for a relatively longer duration, it would be helpful to take a tour of the house and understand different areas. In this video, you will see a girl taking you on a tour of a complete apartment, starting from the reception area. She describes the overall layout of the house, and also the exact position of the place with respect to other parts of the town.

Give the floor an amazing touch with Polyurethane Sealers

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Give the floor an amazing touch with Polyurethane Sealers

While we build our own house or any commercial outlet, out of many points the main point is considered the floor on which the whole foundation is built. A floor is mainly constructed with concrete, and if not then it is known as next to useless. With some cutting edge, many agencies have come up with different services like concrete polishing, epoxy flooring and Polyurethane Sealers. These services can be used to good extend in order to take out the result out of any activity.

Many of the polished floors always glow and ask for specific attention from the one’s looking and experience it. Whenever we visit a commercial place, the area by which we get amused is the environment and the surroundings by which everybody is surrounded, so as to add a significant edge to the area, polyurethane concrete sealers is mainly applied on the concrete itself to give it a different shine. An important thing to keep in mind, which is willing to invest a lot in his/her place is that, the floor which is the base of all the operations needs to have a look of its status.

Why is Polyurethane Concrete important?

screenshot-docs.google.com 2016-02-04 11-08-27

  • Polyurethane concrete sealers are an important prospect to deal with, so you might need a technical and a professional team to handle it. The dedicated and hard working team of any agency filled with reputation provides their services to nearly all the commercial and residential outlets need. Be it the concrete finishes or repairs, this team will surely complete the project without creating any problem for the owner.
  • A reputed and an experienced company would always provide some comprehensive range of services and solutions for all internal and external surfaces, which includes pool areas, dining areas, internal house floors and etc. With all these services already available, they like to build their foundation on their best products, tools and techniques to ensure that the whole task is carried out in the most efficient way possible.
  • screenshot-docs.google.com 2016-02-04 11-08-54

Going through the types, we later come to know that there are many types of polyurethane sealers in the market, so to avoid useless quality, the companies’ source only the best quality product for the best finish. The process of applying polyurethane concrete sealers to the concrete layer, a lot of time and perfection is consumed, but it is the best way to protect the concrete and give a fine finish. Polyurethane sealers are in a shape of water or solvent in order to give a good protection against many types of chemicals available around us.

If you are looking to get your problems fixed, now will be the time to act. You can get many reputed companies in this field, so why wait?

Why choose epoxy and polyurethane concrete sealers

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Why choose epoxy and polyurethane concrete sealers

The epoxy floor concrete is the hard and durable solution for both the industrial and commercial flooring. These floor coatings are used for providing an attractive surface, which is high performance and hard. Nowadays many people like to install the epoxy concrete in their home to make their home beautiful. Installation of epoxy floor coatings is common in industrial and commercial buildings like industrial manufacturing plants, warehouses, pharmaceutical buildings, laboratories, commercial facilities and beverage plants. A standard process is involved for installing the epoxy concrete on the floor, which requires the work of professional sealers.

screenshot-docs.google.com 2015-12-28 12-26-11

Epoxy concrete sealers

Installing the epoxy concrete on the floor needs many techniques for increasing the beauty of the floor. The dedicated team from reputable company provides you the best option for making the best looking epoxy concrete flooring in residential as well as commercial areas. The hard working and dedicated team polishes the concrete flooring with the first class concrete finish.

Epoxy concrete has many advantages like fast setting, waterproof concrete surfaces, strong acid resistance, resistance to organic or inorganic solvents and durable. The flawless completion of the project makes it unique with the extended feature so easier for you to get a wonderful flooring system in the area. The comprehensive range services offered for making the epoxy flooring will be suitable to make both the interior as well as exterior floors attractive.

Some of the common surfaces where epoxy concrete can be used include the pool areas, internal house floors and alfresco dining areas. The epoxy concrete sealers utilize only the first class techniques and tools so that it will ensure that the floors are finished in highest quality. Getting the durable type of epoxy concrete will be highly suitable, and this is done only a recognized Concrete Specialist.

screenshot-docs.google.com 2015-12-28 12-27-08

Polyurethanes sealers

The Polyurethane sealers are quite efficient to create the best effect after polishing the floor. Polyurethane concrete forms the protective film that improves the resistance for abrasion as well as chemicals. The polyurethane concrete sealers are professional in installing the interior and exterior concrete flooring system with the excellent durable finishes. Concrete polishing is the best specialty of the reputable concrete sealers with the high class sealing products.

The commercial portfolio of this type of polishing makes the commercial space most beautiful and reliable flooring system in the process. For enhancing the beauty of the colored, exposed or stamped aggregate concrete, the professional sealers provides the best way of installing the flooring in the commercial areas. All polishing jobs are up to the highest standard for increasing the stability installation. Polyurethanes floors can also be installed in the high traffic areas for providing a better resistance from stains and scuffs.

Restaurant Furniture and Supplies

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Restaurant Furniture and Supplies

For all those who have recently entered the restaurant business, and started a café or food joint, read our blog and find the finest furniture to furnish it with. People wishing to redecorate their restaurants would also find the latest trending designs and the best services on this furniture and lifestyle blog of ours. We detail services and stores providing you tables, chairs, counters and other furniture you wish to place, according to your type of venture, and your budget and taste. Also find services and DIY tips related to plumbing, flooring,polishing, locks etc. A video is given along, from where you can take tips for buying furniture for your place.

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Coffee Shop Interior Designing Ideas

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It has been proven that people love to relax, drink coffee and socialise, which can be seen by the proliferation of coffee shops around the world. Apart from socialising, there are also many who like to either read books or work on projects in the cafes. But then how can you guarantee that a particular café will get visitors every day of the week? This is where innovative styling plays a part. The interior designer has to create an ambience which calls out to guests through design. There are different colours and materials which can do this, as can be seen in the video.

Many coffee shops and sports bar offer features like table tennis tables / ping pong tables, pool tables, billard tables in the cafe space to give it a more dynamic facelift. Check out TR Sports offering quality ping pong tables for sale and they also offer accessories and other awesome equipments for sports like the snooker tables on sale.